Kind words shared.


Delivering trusted, quality care – you have our word on it. But hear what others are saying. Read these words from real people, sharing real stories about their experiences with John Knox Village services and care.

“Each precious person in Village Home Health was a joy to have in our home. They helped me have a more active, healthy and better quality of life.”

– Village Home Health patient, Olathe, KS

“My physical therapists with Village Home Health balanced my rehab with clear constructive exercises, and showed me why I had to modify my desire to do exercises with speed. I am very satisfied with the help and counseling I received from Village Home Health. They have always been on time, and I feel their therapy has helped.”

Village Home Health patient, Lee’s Summit, MO

“Our Village Helpers associate, Wendy, is an outstanding helper. She arrives on time with a big smile – ready for any task we need done. She makes everything shine as she works her magic.”

– Jim and Joan N.


“Village Helpers is an excellent care service. My mother’s caregivers are terrific. We could not manage her long-distance care without them.”

– Jamie C.

“Everyone who comes in contact with Village Helpers associate Jennifer shares with me how special she is. Her interest and care in older people is special. She’s always willing to take on extra work and lend a helping hand.”

– Margaret S.


“The Village Hospice staff took extra-special care of my husband. They were kind and I felt confident and assured of his care, even when I wasn’t able to be with him.”

– Margaret S.

“It’s hard when after more than a year of building relationships you suddenly lose both your loved one and the friends who have seen you through those hard times. As a caregiver, Village Hospice also gave care to me by helping my mother. I will always be grateful to all those who helped her at Village Hospice.”

– Cathy M.

“My father is currently receiving care through Village Hospice, and previously my mother did as well. The level of care is unbelievably compassionate and respectful. I was amazed at how quickly they became part of our family. It’s definitely a team approach. The level of communication and their practices are just amazing. It’s the little things they do that make a tremendous impact.”

– Rick V.

“Heading outside, it suddenly dawned on me that the butterflies were like my wife. She had been confined by a situation and events beyond her control, and also longed to be free. As the butterflies were released, some flew away immediately and others lingered on the plants and flowers. When the last butterfly flew away from us, I felt their freedom. My heart was lifted, my eyes dried and I began to realize my wife also was free now, just like the butterflies. She was beyond my sight, but remained in my heart as beautiful memories. I knew this was the first step in releasing the pain in my life.”

– Larry B.