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For additional information about John Knox Village’s response to COVID-19, please visit:

COVID-19 UPDATE: Where Does the Village Stand?

It is important to note that both the state and county plans clearly outline continued restrictions on retirement communities, most specifically, barring visitors unless to provide critical assistance or in end-of-life circumstances. The Jackson County order also limits gatherings of “vulnerable populations” to no more than 10 people. These restrictions extend through phases II and III of the Jackson County plan. Accordingly, we are going to stay in our current holding pattern for a while longer.

Though how long that will be, exactly, we cannot say. We recognize the frustration the restrictions have imposed on residents and their families, as well as associates and their families, but feel positive that we have, to date, been successful at keeping our community healthy and safe. Thanks for your continued understanding and support as we manage through this difficult time together.

You can read more about Jackson County’s recovering plan here:

John Knox Village and Face Coverings

Jackson County leaders announced in late June that everyone must wear a face mask while out in public. Because the John Knox Village campus is located in Jackson County, we are following the guidelines outlined in the county’s recovery plan. Learn more about the mandate and the Village’s recommendations for residents and associates who are on our campus.