Village Hospice Music Therapy

At Village Hospice, music therapy emphasizes life at the end of life. We offer it to all of our hospice patients because it has a remarkable ability to provide comfort and improve quality of life for hospice patients and their families and caregivers.


Music is used both in therapy and as therapy, as a way to help express emotions when words fail. It can bring together the past and present, mend fences and mend hearts, bringing people together and bringing closure.

Because we believe that each person deserves to live each day to the fullest, music therapy is available to every Village Hospice patient within 5 days of admission – without a waiting list – wherever they call home.

Our board-certified music therapists spend time with the patient and family to learn how music is meaningful to them. Then we develop a customized treatment plan tailored to the patient’s needs and wishes, taking extra care to consider cultural backgrounds and spiritual beliefs.

  • People can benefit from music therapy through listening, through singing, or through playing music, even if they are not musically inclined.
  • Even when a person isn’t feeling well or able to communicate, music therapy can help alleviate symptoms of depression, anxiety, pain, grief, respiratory distress and sleep disturbances.
  • Music therapy also is available as bereavement support for grieving family members, helping them to process their grief and adjust to new life circumstances.
  • There is no fee for our music therapy services.

Music Therapy Internship Program

The Village Hospice music therapy program is the only hospice music therapy program in the Kansas City area approved by the American Music Therapy Association as a roster internship site. This program brings bright young students pursuing a degree in music therapy to Village Hospice from across the nation.

Two six-month internships are offered by Village Hospice each year, one in January and one in June.

Want to know more about our Music Therapy Internship program and how to apply? LEARN MORE HERE.

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