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There are four levels of hospice care. The level of patient-centered care provided is based on unique and individual needs – in the setting that is most comfortable. As needs change, transitions keep patients at the most appropriate level of care. Levels of care are as defined by Medicare Hospice Benefit.

This is the most common and basic level of hospice care. Patients may receive care from Village Hospice in the place they call home – whether in a private residence or within an independent, assisted living or skilled nursing community. Under routine care, patients receive regular visits from care team members, based on specific needs. As needs change, team members adjust visits to accommodate changes and ensure optimal care.

Sometimes a medical crisis occurs that needs close attention. When this happens, skilled nursing care may be covered on a continuous basis to maintain care at home, and possibly avoid a hospital visit. Continuous care is meant for brief periods of time. A period of crisis is defined as a period when the patient requires continuous care to achieve palliation or management of acute medical symptoms. When the crisis is resolved, routine care can continue.

This level of hospice care is for patients who are in need of pain control and symptom management that can’t effectively be provided in another setting. Village Hospice contracts with Village House at the Village Care Center to provide general inpatient care, with oversight by a medical expert. This is a short-term level of care, focused on stabilizing symptoms. Once symptoms are under control, the patient can return to the comfort of home under the routine level of care.

Many patients have their own caregivers. Often a patient’s family is the main source of care. When faithful caregivers need a rest, and 24-hour support is necessary, respite care allows patients to be temporarily admitted at Village House, a contracted facility with Village Hospice.

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