Rest easy with around-the-clock safety solutions at home.

Home For Life Solutions safety and security products and sensors are monitored 24 hours a day. All products connect wirelessly to the Caresse+ base unit, which is linked to your telephone line and available with one pendant.

Standard Pendant – This help button is small, waterproof and can be worn on a lanyard around the neck or on your wrist, with a wristband. With a push, immediate assistance is on the way.

Fall Detector – This small, lightweight device activates if a fall occurs and a call for help is automatically dialed from anywhere in your home 24 hours a day, even if you are unable to push the button.

Home For Life Solutions Fall Detector
Wireless Pull Cords – Installed in your home. With a slight tug, the cord triggers a wireless call to the 24-hour monitoring center for immediate assistance.

CookStop Sensor – Attaches to an electric stove or cooktop and includes a built-in motion detector that monitors the user’s movements. When the user doesn’t return within a specific time frame, the stove automatically turns off, preventing kitchen fires or “smoke-outs.”

MedReady Medication Dispenser – Helps ensure medications are taken at the right time and in the correct dose. Audible and visual reminder alarms alert the user when it’s time to take a medication. Optionally, if a dose is missed, a caregiver can be alerted by phone.


Learn more about the complete line of Home for Life Solutions sensors and devices, easy-to-use technology that helps you stay comfortable and secure at home.

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